Why I will always support May Edochie – Rita Edochie

Actress Rita Edochie has vowed never to leave May Edochie alone in her travail, saying she will always support her against her enemies.

May is the estranged wife of actor Yul Edochie, who married a second wife and threw the family into chaos.
Rita, in an Instagram post said just like the mother hen would always spread her legs, trying to protect her chicks from the rain and harsh sun, she would even do more for her daughter Queen May Yul Edochie.
“To those of you who are insisting that I should leave Queen May Yul Edochie alone with reasons of her not being my daughter, and to those of you who also think you can loose your guards against her, thinking she doesn’t have a mother, I want you all to note that I am her mother, never will I leave her alone, she is my daughter and I will always stand against anyone who won’t let her breathe.

“I Rita Edochie, the Ijele, the fear that fear fears, nti rubber, alusi agba oto efe will deal the heck out of anyone making his or herself an opponent to Queen May. Anything for my dearest daughter Queen May Yul Edochie,” Rita stated.

Rita added: “Come for me and I will consume you, I stand with my daughter Queen May Yul Edochie, and will always stand with her till infinity.”


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