Actress Damilola Adegbite opens up about struggles with neck pain

Nollywood actress Damilola Adegbite has taken to Instagram to reveal the reason behind her current use of a neck brace.

In a detailed post on the social media platform, she shared her struggle with excruciating neck pain in the past one year.
She said the neck pain usually render her incapacitated for days whenever it strikes.

Adegbite explained her reliance on potent painkillers which only offer temporary relief, followed by recurring agony.

Alongside neck pain, the actress also revealed that she has been battling migraines, describing the experience as unbearable.

However, she shared a cheerful revelation that after starting physiotherapy a week ago, there has beem a reduction in the pain and a decreased need for medication.
She wrote, “This is me post physiotherapy & Harassed and in some pain For over a year, I’ve had an excruciating pain in my neck, literally.

“When the pain hits, I’m unable to function for days. I have been on the strongest of pain killers for too long. They numb the pain for a bit and it’s back to business as usual. And of course with neck pain, comes migraines. It has been hell.

“I started physiotherapy over a week ago and I have noticed the pain is less. I have only taken a pain killer once since then.
“If you know me well, this is a big deal! I am not supposed to lift weights for at least 3 months or do any kind of strenuous activities. This part is so hard for me but I’m determined to do anything to get rid of the pain.

“In the mean time, I have to wear this beautiful neck fashion accessory a couple of hours a day, so if you see me outside with it, don’t be afraid. Lol All in all, I’m grateful.

“Whatever we are going through, it could be much worse. When you hit rock bottom, the only way to go is up”


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