‘Speak to your dad about this hardship’ – Mercy Aigbe tells Seyi Tinubu

Nollywood star Mercy Aigbe has appealed to Seyi Tinubu, son of President Bola Tinubu, to implore his father to address the severe economic challenges facing Nigerians.

Aigbe‘s plea comes in response to Seyi Tinubu’s call for patience from citizens, urging them to endure the current economic difficulties in anticipation of future benefits from the government’s reforms.
Aigbe emphasized the dire state of the nation, describing it as “terrible,” with citizens suffering from hunger, illness, and mental distress.

“People are hungry! People are dying! People are going out of their minds!

The present situation of the country is TERRIBLE! The government should please, please we are begging, they should do something about this economic hardship!


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