Nemsia Films celebrates 11 nominations at AMVCA for “Breath of Life”

Nemsia Films proudly announces its remarkable achievement at the prestigious 10th Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards (AMVCA), securing 11 nominations for its exceptional cinematic work, “Breath of Life.”

This recognition underscores Nemsia Films’ unwavering dedication to creating cinema that connects deeply with audiences both in Africa and across the globe.

Directed by visionary filmmaker BB Sasore, produced by the talented Eku Edewor, and with Derin Adeyokunnu serving as the Executive Producer, “Breath of Life” is a compelling drama that has resonated deeply with viewers.
Since its debut as an Amazon Prime Video original on November 15, 2023, the film has received widespread acclaim for its emotive storytelling and exceptional performances, marking a significant milestone in Nigerian cinema.

The film’s nominations at the 10th AMVCA highlight the exceptional talent involved in its creation, including:

– Best Lead Actor: Wale Ojo (Breath of Life)

– Best Supporting Actor: Demola Adedoyin (Breath of Life)
Best Supporting Actress: Genoveva Umeh (Breath of Life)

– Best Writing in Movie: BB Sasore (Breath of Life)

– Best Costume Design: Daniel Obasi (Breath of Life)
Best Cinematography: Breath of Life

– Best Director: BB Sasore (Breath of Life)

– Best Editing: Holmes Awa (Breath of Life)

– Best Sound Design: Breath of Life
Best Art Direction: Okechukwu Frost Nwankwo, Kelechi Odu (Breath of Life)

– Best Movie: Breath of Life

These nominations reflect the collective effort, creativity, and dedication of the entire “Breath of Life” cast and crew. The film’s standout storytelling, visually stunning scenes, and impactful performances have not only captivated audiences but have also significantly contributed to the African film industry’s prestige.

As “Breath of Life” continues to enchant viewers and gather accolades, Nemsia Films eagerly anticipates the 10th AMVCA ceremony. This event will not only celebrate the film’s achievements but also honour the best in African cinematic excellence.
Nemsia Films extends its heartfelt thanks to the cast, crew, and everyone involved in bringing “Breath of Life” to the screen and looks forward to a future of continued success and innovation in filmmaking


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