My position on arms legalization in Nigeria – Seun Kuti

Grammy-nominated Nigerian singer Seun Kuti,  has strongly opposed the proposition for legalizing firearms in Nigeria, stating that the country isn’t ready for civilians to bear arms.

The Afrobeat icon expressed his belief that such a move would result in the rich having the power to arbitrarily harm the poor.

“I don’t believe our society is ripe for us to say we want to put guns in anybody’s hands. First of all, it just means that rich children would be killing poor children all over the place. That’s what would happen.”

He highlighted the disparity in firepower, emphasizing, “All you poor children, they will just be shooting you. Any little fracas, they will just pull out guns. Whatever arms you can buy, they can buy bigger ones.”

further alleged that politicians advocating for arms legalization were primarily driven by financial interests in the arms trade rather than genuine concerns for citizen safety.

He challenged the necessity of firearms for protection, suggesting that if politicians were genuinely committed to safeguarding Nigerians, they could instead ensure security measures by employing adequate personnel.


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