I hardly sleep, so overwhelming – Fathia Balogun shares struggles

Renowned Nollywood actress Faithia Balogun has expressed her struggles as both an A-list actress and a resilient workaholic.

Taking to her Instagram, she shared how an emotional interview with Hollywood’s Taraji Henson deeply resonated with her.

she revealed the immense effort she puts into her work, her relentless schedule that deprives her of sleep and personal time, describing the experience as overwhelmingly demanding.

She acknowledged the challenge it poses for her and extended hope to those relentlessly hustling in their endeavors.

In a plea for God’s grace, Fathia expressed, “This is my reality—I invest so much. May God be merciful. Trust me, it’s tough. I barely rest, no time for anything else. It’s a lot.”

Additionally, she mentioned the ongoing massive popularity of “Mamalandlady” and urged her fans to tune in to Faithia Balogun TV on YouTube, encouraging subscription and post notifications for updates on new videos.


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