It’s an insult to body of Christ – Rita Edochie blasts BBC over TB Joshua’s documentary

Veteran Nollywood actress Rita Edochie has said the recent documentary by the BBC on late Temitope Babatunde Joshua, known as TB Joshua, Founder of SCOAN, is an “insult to the black people.”

BBC’s Africa Eye on Monday released a highly controversial and damning documentary on the late TB Joshua, accusing him of various crimes, including rape against some members.

The three-part lengthy video published on YouTube, titled “Disciples: The Cult of TB Joshua,” showed video testimonies of several witnesses leveling multiple damning allegations against the late prophet.

BBC spoke to former disciples and church workers, who alleged that the prophet allegedly manipulated and physically abused them into staying with him for many years.

Most of them, mostly from the United States of America, the United Kingdom, South Africa, and Namibia, stated that they spent between 10 and 14 years in the Synagogue based on that manipulation.

The report also spoke about the September 12, 2014, building collapse at the Synagogue’s guest house, which claimed the lives of at least 116 people, most of whom were foreigners.

Weighing into the matter via her Instagram page, Rita also referred to the documentary as an “insult to the body of Christ”.

The actress argued that white people “never believe that anything good can come out of the black race”.

The film star also alleged that the documentary is an attempt to tarnish TB Joshua “due to his global popularity”.

I have listened to some persons, criticise insulted and blackmailed the late prophet TB Joshua on the social media,” she wrote.

I feel really sorry for human beings, the black man particularly some of our bloggers, who often pick and escalate on any topic without really investigating, just for the sake of money.

“We no longer respect the dead and allow them to be. The world has turned to something else and like I always say the devil has taken over the world.

“The problem with our people is that they are always in a hurry to jump into conclusions in matters that require investigation.

Some report matters as if they were at the scene. Report matters as if they were at the scene. This story about the late TB Joshua which is more of insult on the blacks and the body of Christ, we learnt started from the BBC.

“But one thing we fail to realise is that the white man never believes that anything good can come out of the black race, they therfore look for the slightest opportunity to rubbish anything good that comes out of there, particularly when it poses a challenge to them.

“The white brought Christianity to Africa and other parts of the world.

I have seen a lot of white evangelist, pastors and prophets, but none both living and dead is as popular as the late prophet TB Joshua.

“Don’t forget that it’s the same white man who said they investigated the late prophet TB Joshua for good fifteen years and came up with the conclusion that he was a real man of god.

“This same late tb joshua was invited by different governments and presidents from the white man’s country to pray for them.

“They treated him like a king and watched him perform a lot of healing and miracles on their soil, he was honoured and respected in the white man’s land more than Africa.

The u-turn. because Africans are beginning to be religious conscious with the present happening in the body of Christ which is not in conformity with the Christian doctrine, the white man has become jittery and shall get to any length to discredit all men of god from Africa. the latest story from the pope asking men of god to bless gay couples which didn’t go down well with Africans who see it as against the will of god and many others.”


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