Davido’s Baby Mama, Sophia Momodu threatens to sue artiste

Sophia Momodu, the mother of Davido’s daughter Imade, has threatened to take legal action against the singer over the alleged threat to life, cyberbullying, and harassment.

Sophia is the mother of Imade, Davido’s child.

Through Punuka Attorneys and Solicitors, Momodu and her lawyers issued a cease and desist letter to Davido’s legal representatives, accusing him of defamation and sponsoring negative publications about her.

In the letter, Sophia alleged that Davido continued to attack her personality online despite a previous letter issued to him, warning him to stop.

It added that should any harm befall Sophia, the singer should be “held responsible”.

“We write further to our email under reference regarding the conduct of Mr David Adeleke towards our client, which amounts to cyberbullying, harassment, and threats to the life of our client, Ms. Sophia Momodu, and her close associates,” it reads.

This is in addition to several defamatory remarks and publications sponsored against the person of Ms. Sophia Momodu by your client through different social media blogs. Not only are this conduct and the actions of your client condemnable as they not only violate our client’s constitutionally guaranteed rights, but they also go against the principles of decency and respect.

The gross lawlessness exhibited by your client and serial threats issued to our client’s associates resulted in the petition dated 9th of January 2024 which is currently being investigated by the Police. The Petition is hereby attached as Annexure A.

“It is shocking that notwithstanding our earlier email to your good self, which was not responded to, and the Petition against your client currently being investigated by the Police, your client has continued with his disruptive and unlawful conduct. Our client, in the last couple of days, has been subjected to a series of coordinated attacks and cyberbullying orchestrated by your client and his cohorts.

We are again, by this letter, reiterating our position expressed in our earlier email that your client would be held responsible for any harm that may befall our client as such will be a clear manifestation of the threats and premedicated ambitions of your client.

“We again hope you will prevail on your client, either by himself or through his cohorts to cease, desist, and restrain from any such conduct that constitutes further threats, harassment, or cyberbullying and intimidation of our client and her associates. Evidence of coordinated attacks is hereby attached as Annexure B.

“Additionally, it is important to emphasize that your client’s behaviour and actions are impeding our efforts to achieve a peaceful resolution concerning the arrangements for the care and welfare of Imade which is of paramount importance.”

The letter added that “unless Davido discontinues the acts of threats and harassment and cyberbullying against our client within the next 48 hours, our client retains the right to pursue all available legal remedies”.

Sophia’s letter comes barely a few days after Tiwa Savage also filed a petition against Davido, detailing alleged harassment and previous bodily harm.


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