Defamation: Agozi Samuel apologizes to AY over infidelity claims

Social media user Agozi Samuel, who previously accused comedian Ayo Makun of an affair with May Edochie, has publicly apologized to him.

In a video shared on his Facebook page, Samuel had claimed that AY was having a relationship with May, leading to her separation from Yul.
He also threatened to ruin AY and disclosed AY’s alleged plans to marry May Edochie.

In a separate video, Samuel alleged that AY’s wife, Mabel Makun, was romantically involved with the comedian’s security guard for five years.

Additionally, Samuel stated that AY is not the biological father of his second daughter, who recently celebrated her birthday, amidst speculation about Mabel and AY’s alleged marital issues, evidenced by their decision to unfollow each other on social media.
AY responded to these allegations by filing a petition against Samuel for defamation, claiming that his reputation had been harmed.
AY further addressed the accusations by filing a petition against Samuel for making defamatory statements that the video tarnished his reputation built over a decade.

Expressing frustration with the spread of misinformation, AY declared his breaking point through a caption accompanying his post.

In a video now circulating on social media, Samuel retracted his statements and publicly apologized to the comedian for defaming his character.
Samuel attributed his actions to economic struggles, admitting that he sought attention and financial gain.


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