Actress Mary Njoku reveals sweetest experience ever

Nollywood actress, Mary Remmy Njoku has said that spending someone else’s money is sweeter than spending one’s money.

Njoku confirmed it to be the sweetest feeling ever spending someone else’s money.

The mother of three stated on her Instagram page how she used to think spending her hard-earned money was the sweetest feeling.

Mary Njoku noted that her previous belief was the biggest lie, as spending someone else’s money is the sweetest feeling ever.

The thespian said that while being able to pay one’s expenses on one’s own is nice, it’s much more satisfying when someone else does the paying.

Her post reads: “I used to think that nothing is sweeter than spending your hard-earned money. Na lie o!! Biggest lie!! Spending someone else’s money is the sweetest experience ever!”

It’s sweet to be able to afford your bills if no one is paying. But it’s sweeter if someone else is paying your bills. Trust me, adulthood is the HOOD!!!”

Mary is married to Jason, a British-Nigerian entrepreneur, film magnate, and African start-up investor.

She co-founded iROKOtv with him, one of the early video-on-demand movie platforms for Nigerian movies.

The couple were married on August 18th 2012, in Festac, Lagos, with their friends, colleagues and Nollywood celebrities in attendance.

They welcomed their first son, Jason Obinna Njoku, on 30 July 2013 and a second child, Nwakaego Annabel Njoku, on 24 August 2015.

Jason Njoku, was born on December 11th 1980, in Deptford, United Kingdom.


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