Actor IK Ogbonna speaks on living private life

Popular Nollywood actor Ikechukwu Ogbonna has revealed that leaving his relationship life away from the public eye brings him more peace.

The light-skinned Nollywood star said he does not pay attention to opinions and assumptions about him; rather, he said he chooses to focus solely on his career, family, and friends.

IK, whose marriage to Sonia Morales crashed few years ago, commented in an interview with Sunday Scoop while talking about his life and how he is always open to love again.

He said: “I do not care about the opinions of people that do not even know me. I face things that give me peace, such as my family, friends, and career. 

“I am always open to love. Without love, we cannot live as human beings, but I wouldn’t say I like to discuss my private life, because I feel there should be a part of everyone’s life that should not be made public.

“You can’t give all of yourself to the public. When it comes to one’s love life, there is more peace when one keeps it to oneself. My relationship status is left for those people close to me to know.”

On what his New Year’s resolution is, the actor said he sees it as every other day and his own new year starts on his birthday.

He said: “I am not big on New Year celebrations. For me, it is just like every other day. My new year starts on my birthday, when I mark a new age. Though I usually thank God for allowing me to see another year, I do not wait until the beginning of the year to set personal goals.”


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