“You just don’t know what it takes to keep relationship,” – Michael Uba advice Tolanibaj

In a recent episode of the reality TV show, “Inside Life With Tolanibaj”, Michael Uba, popularly known as Ogbolor, was a guest. During a conversation, Tolanibaj opened up about her past relationships, revealing that she had dated seven men who all ended up leaving her.

In response, Ogbolor gave his perspective on why this might have happened. He suggested that Tolanibaj might have been too demanding or high maintenance for her exes. He also pointed out that she might have been too focused on material things, which could have pushed the men away.

However, he advised her to reflect on her past relationships and learn from them. He also encouraged her to be patient and not rush into relationships, but rather take time to understand her partners and their needs.

Tolanibaj appreciated Ogbolor’s advice and promised to take it into consideration in her future relationships. She also expressed her determination to find the right man who would love and appreciate her for who she is.

In his words:

“You’ve been with 7 men and dey are all d problem? Sit and ask urself questions. Sometimes having bad experiences in relationships doesn’t necessarily mean u are a bad person, sometimes u have a poor choice in picking partners, sometimes u don’t know how to date, sometimes u just don’t know wat it takes to keep a relationship, and finally sometimes the only tin u bring to d table is ur *coughs*….if u know u know.”


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