Popular Crossdresser, Jay Boogie Gives Update On Health After Failed Cosmetic Surgery

Jay refuted claims of having any medical challenge before the surgery, insisting there were results to back the claim.

He added that he was dumped in another hospital after the surgery and had spent so much money on treatment and dialysis.

Nigerian doctor, Loveth Jennifer, a friend of the crossdresser, in a post via Instagram, also disclosed that Jay needs a kidney transplant, begging Nigerians for financial help.

However, after weeks of seeking funds from Nigerians, one of those who opened a GoFundMe account to source funds for Jay’s treatment said the donations would be returned because the crossdresser was lying about the ailment and had been acting shady when asked to provide the hospital report.

Clarifying the issue, Jay, in a statement on Sunday, denied telling the public that he needed a kidney transplant but only solicited financial help for treatment, adding he has been discharged from the hospital and is getting better.

The statement reads, “On the 30th October 2023, I had a BBL and Liposuction at CGE AESTHETICS (Curvy Girl Essentials) from 5pm -11:40pm, when I became conscious on 31st October 2023 while still at CGE till 11:22am. My urine for 12hours was less than 200ml and the surgeon began to panic, a referral was made to Lagoon hospital on the
31st October 2023 and I arrived Lagoon hospital at exactly 3:56pm

where doctors at the emergency unit came for their investigations and recommended medications to subdue pains while (EUCR, FBC, CT-SCAN, CRP AND XYZ) was going on. On 1st November 2023 at 3:42am, Lagoon Hospital returned me in an ambulance to CGE AESTHETICS.

“We arrived Zenith Medical and Kidney Centre in Yaba at 6.23am and i was diagnosed with Sepsis and Acute kidney injury, and we started dialysis, which i did daily at that time and i still couldn’t pass urine. I also did a plasma exchange to enable me pass urine, but that didn’t work. I NEVER POSTED I NEEDED KIDNEY TRANSPLANT, I only posted I needed donations for my hospital bills.

Due to the media pressure, Zenith Hospital Management discharged me at 9a.m with a creatinine as high as 807 on the 18th November 2023 and asked i do my dialysis from home, all efforts to check in to LUTH AND LASUTH was VOID DUE TO LACK OF BED SPACE IN the Critical Care Unit (CCU). I went to St.Nicholas hospital (Campbell street Lagos) where i had to continue my dialysis and more.

“I had to go offline for my mental health because the bullying was too much and I was getting death threats. I ceased communications because my family decided we needed privacy.


It took this long for me to respond because my health was my priority and i had to take care of myself. I was discharged on the 28th of November 2023, i am getting better and i feel better. I am still on medications, and i am also off dialysis for now and my health is rejuvenating.

“I want to thank everyone that donated and reached out to me during my ordeal and i want to assure them i never lied or scammed Nigerians about my situation.”


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