Why I don’t mind being a second wife – Actress Wumi Toriola

Nigerian actress Wumi Toriola has expressed her willingness to embrace the role of a second wife.

The single mother of one, who has been unattached for a considerable period, revealed in a recent interview with media personality Debbie Shokoya that her perspective on being a second or third wife has evolved.

She now acknowledges the possibility, stating, “I used to have the mindset that I can’t be a second or third wife, but that has changed because I’m after one now.”

Toriola, emphasizing her pursuit of personal happiness, asserted that she would gladly marry an individual who shares a similar experience, such as being a widower or someone who, like her, has previously been in a marriage.

Contrary to the perception that female celebrities are exclusively interested in wealthy men, Toriola argued that not all of them hold such preferences.

She revealed that many men are hesitant to approach actresses assuming they are only open to relationships with affluent individuals.

Toriola also debunked the stereotype that attributes actresses’ luxurious lifestyles solely to relationships with wealthy men, emphasizing that most actresses earn their wealth through their own efforts.

Wunmi Toriola, who tied the knot in 2018 and welcomed her first child the following year, disclosed on her Instagram page in 2023 that her four-year marriage had come to an end.

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