Skin colour not a barrier in Nollywood – Actress George Ibeh

Actress Georgina Ibeh has said skin color does not influence casting frequency in Nollywood while also emphasizing that a woman should not compromise her career for a man.

Speaking during an interview with Saturday Beats, she debunked the notion that light-skinned actresses have an advantage on camera, asserting that success in acting is not dependent on skin tone.

Ibeh highlighted the presence of accomplished dark-skinned actresses breaking barriers in the industry, emphasizing that storyline requirements vary.

“It is not true that light-skinned girls appear better on camera. I don’t believe that you must be light-skinned to succeed as an actress. There are many dark-skinned actresses breaking boundaries in the country. Not all storylines demand a light-skinned lady.”

Addressing relationship dynamics, she stated that the issue of divorce is not exclusive to Nollywood, emphasizing that any man attempting to hinder a woman’s career doesn’t genuinely care for her happiness.

Ibeh revealed the universality of relationship challenges, dismissing the stereotype that actresses struggle in marriages due to industry pressures.

Discussing her experiences in movie production, Ibeh mentioned challenges in managing fellow actors, adverse weather conditions, especially during the rainy season, and occasional interactions with individuals seeking settlement before using certain locations.

Revealing her creative inspiration, Ibeh shared that her movies draw inspiration from everyday life encounters.

Reflecting on her favorite moments on set, she expressed that all her movie productions are interesting, challenging, and enjoyable, emphasizing the significance of owning her movies as a lasting memory.

“One of the challenges is handling fellow actors. Adverse weather conditions, especially during the rainy season also pose a big challenge. Sometimes, we have to deal with area boys that would want to be settled before certain locations can be used.”


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