Lyta ‘Begs’ Olamide For Return To YBNL Nation

In a separate interview, Olamide noted that Lyta requested to leave the record label after he claimed to have attracted another record label. Many music lovers had challenged the Nigerian rapper for letting go of Lyta, an upcoming rapper at the time.

However, in a recent chat in the Ginger Yourself Podcast, Lyta explained that he didn’t leave YBNL “intentionally.”

He said, “I want to be back with YBNL. What I did back then [leaving YBNL Nation] wasn’t intentional. I didn’t hear from Olamide before leaving and after I left, he just locked up. But I’ve spoken to him since leaving. I chatted with him via Instagram on his birthday and he responded.”

When asked if Olamide is following him on Instagram, the ‘Monalisa’ crooner said, “No. He is not following anybody on Instagram.”

It could be recalled also that in an interview in 2022, Lyta explained that he left YBNL Nation because he “heard a lot of things from friends and people in the industry.”

He added that he “didn’t know who or what to believe, and some people eventually got into my head.”


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