I’ve been managing it for years, Kehinde Bankole seeks help

Nollywood actress Kehinde Bankole has candidly opened up about a deeply personal struggle she has been facing.

The 38-year-old screen icon took to her Instagram page last week to share a cryptic post, hinting at an undisclosed challenge that has been taking a toll on her well-being.

Known for her impeccable acting skills and captivating on-screen presence, Kehinde’s heartfelt confession has shed light on the fact that even public figures grapple with personal battles. The actress admitted that this particular issue has been a part of her life for an extended period and has been progressively worsening.

In a subsequent update, Kehinde celebrated for her exquisite beauty, shared a more detailed insight into her ongoing struggle.

With unwavering honesty, she revealed that her hair has been the focus of her ordeal. Despite managing the issue privately for years, she has now chosen to cast aside her shyness and embark on a journey to seek the help her hair needs.

“I decided it’s okay to share the not-so-cool part of our lives as well. Remember my last video? It’s my hair! And I’ve been managing it for years but I’m finally ready to get my hair the help it needs”, Kehinde expressed in her Instagram post.

She went on to indicate her willingness to openly share her journey with her followers, seeking their encouragement and support.

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