Nkechi Blessing Sunday slams relationship critics

Nkechi Blessing Sunday has criticized those who have been offering unsolicited counsel regarding her romantic relationship.

Following her breakup with Ekiti politician Opeyemi Falegan, Nkechi found solace in the arms of entertainer Xxssive, as he is recognized on Instagram.

The fair-skinned Yoruba actress took to her Instagram platform to address the barrage of recommendations she has been receiving to terminate her new romantic involvement.

a candid statement, Nkechi raised questions about the motivations behind advising someone in a relationship to part ways.

She humorously questioned whether it was akin to resorting to ‘juju’ (charm) for an individual who has been single for five years to offer relationship counsel.

“You dey advice me to leave my relationship. You wey man never toast for 5 years now. No be juju be that?”, Nkechi reacted on her Instagram post.

This is not the first time Nkechi would be confronting critics of her relationships. Her penchant for responding to negative comments and addressing critics on social media has become a characteristic trait that she is known for.


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