I lost my child at 8 months: Actress Debbie Shokoya speaks

Deborah Ajijolajesu Shokoya, renowned in the Nollywood industry as Debbie Shokoya, has been facing a trying period as she opens up about the loss of her pregnancy.

The actress took to her Instagram to share an emotional video recounting the tragic incident that unfolded when she was eight-month pregnant.

In the emotional video expressed the deep emotional challenge she’s been enduring since losing her unborn child. The actress had been eagerly anticipating the arrival of her baby, even embarking on a trip with the joyful expectation of returning with her bundle of joy. Tragically, fate had other plans, and she found herself grappling with the devastating loss of her pregnancy.

Amidst her tears, the actress implored her followers not to pass judgment, asking for understanding and empathy during this painful time. She highlighted the immense sacrifices she had made and the challenges she had faced throughout her pregnancy journey. SHOKOYA revealed her strong bond with her unborn child, underscoring the profound connection she had established before the heart-wrenching loss.

Speaking courageously about her ordeal, she stated, “I will like to tell my story myself, that’s why I am making the video right now. Almost everyone knows that Shokoya is pregnant and expecting and with all glory to God, I lost my child at 8 months. That’s to tell you that I choose to speak on what I want to speak about. If I don’t want to speak about it, I wouldn’t talk about it.”

The actress continued, urging caution and sensitivity with words, emphasizing the delicacy of the situation. “Be careful what you will say cause words are sensitive. I am a mother, I carried my child for 8 months. I sacrificed a lot for my child, I know what I went through. How I traveled with the joy of coming back with my child, but God understands right? It’s not easy, I carried my child for 8 months, bonded with my child but lost my child.”


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