People who succeed are the ones who are steadfast – Bassey Ekpo Bassey

I, Emilia Emeka-Nwamadi was with Bassey Ekpo Bassey recently and we had a little time to talk about his life and career as an Actor.
Read the interview below;

What is your name?
My name is Bassey Ekpo Bassey
I know you are an Actor…. 
I’m an actor and a Film Maker. I like to see myself more as a Film Maker than an Actor because I’d rather see things holistically.I think that being an Actor for somebody like me is quite limiting.
 How about your movies?
I actually stopped acting for years until two years or a year a and half ago when I kicked it off again. I had gone in to other things like print media and TV work. In recent times having come back I have been a little busy. I have done the movie; “The Good Husband”. I have done about 2 more; 4th Republic is one which was in the cinema. Recently I just finished shooting “Merry Men 2” with AY and a host of other actors. I also have done TV and “Halita” which is a TV series is on air now. It is an MNet production on Africa Magic Family. So that is running now as I speak. 

Between TV Series and Movies which one do you prefer? 
I’m not going to say I prefer one medium to another. It depends on the story. For me it is how I feel the story that is the most important thing. I feel stories differently. I feel scripts differently. People I play my part with and all that. So all those impact on me differently.
I feel stories differently. I prefer one story over the other. 
In your view what are the qualities of a good actor?
A good actor must be able to interpret his role in such a way that the audience forgets about who that Actor is in real life. If he can remove his person from that character and be so involved in what he is playing that nobody knows who he is anymore he would have succeeded in what he is playing.
Who is your role model? Who did you look up to as a child?
As a child my role model was my Dad but for reasons other
than other people will say. My Dad is my Role Model because he was different.
He was wasn’t the usual kind of Dad. He saw life with different eyes. He was
kind of astute and fixed and loyal. He stuck to what he believed in. He never
really wavered. There are very few people around like that anymore.

From you’re your experience as an Actor, what is your advice
to those who want to step in to the shoes you presently occupy?
The first thing is for anyone who want to be in my shoes is
to be himself. Do not bend and be professional in what he is doing. You are
going to meet testing times but the people who succeed are the ones who are
steadfast. So keep doing what you are doing. Try to improve upon yourself.
Choose your job wisely. Don’t do anything mediocre and pray a lot and eventually
you’ll get to where you want to be.

What is your message to fans?

Keep watching us because we need you more than you need us.
Keep watching us and we would try as much as possible to showcase the best
which is what our fans really desire but we pray that they stay with us.


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