Death is a woman

“I had been in a relationship with
my girlfriend for 4 years and I had never been touched so softly and nicely”.
 My neighbor had been single
for as long as I had known him. I had not seen any woman around him for the 5
years I had been with him on the compound.
Two weeks ago he came back to his
house with a young lady whom he proudly introduced to us as his wife whom he
had just married. She is a beauty to behold.
For the few days she was trying to
get to know everyone on the compound, she took interest in me.  A week
later, I came home on leave.  She was always around my window for one
reason or the other. I was always working on my laptop or watching television.

She would tap on my window and greet
me and I would respond with a smile of a man with so much expectation. 
One afternoon, I wanted to get
something down the road so I took a walk to the place. As I was asking to be
given what I wanted, I felt a little touch on my neck from behind and I turned
only to behold a raw beauty of a young woman who was smiling invitingly at me.
she is my neighbors new wife.  For the first few minutes, I could not tell
what else would have happened while I looked at her, I can’t even recall
greeting her but I only realized I held her hand for a while (only God knows
for how long) and from that minute the man in me started burning with desire.
I collected what I went for and we
walked back together without talking to each other just like we understood the
message.  We walked straight in to my bedroom and that marked the opening
of the heavenly pages.
She kissed me so tenderly and held
me so tightly as one who just found a missing passion. I stood so breathless
for as long as the kiss lasted. She gradually moved us to the bed area where
she made me sit on the bed while she rocked my body while we were still
dressed.  I tried hard to hold back to ensure I did not let go so fast because
the feeling was like a ravaging fire. I touched and sucked everywhere I could
and we moaned so ecstatically. She then took me in her mouth and made me see
the joy of wetness and how wonderful it could be.
Gradually, we slipped in to our
birthday clothes and the experience was more like I had never had all my life.
She wriggled and danced all over me and I held on to her waist. I turned her
over and took over the driver sit and she screamed as I moaned. Consequently,
we had sweet electrifying double explosions and I passed out.
I did not know what happened next. I
woke up in a hospital after 2 days to discover she had been sent packing by her
husband. I later learn the doctors fought very hard to resuscitate me as a
result of exhaustion.
How do I return to my house? What
will happen to me? Will her husband not kill me for having affair with his

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