Yours will come- Happy Julian Uchendu

Happy Julian Uchendu on the set of Illusion

I was on the set of a movie with Happy Julian Uchendu. The name of the movie is Illusion and Happy Uchendu let me
into some of her life stories as well as her role in the movie. Other casts in the movie include; Francis Duru, I K Ogbonna, Thelma Ojiji, Sherdach John, and myself Emilia Emeka-Nwamadi.
Below are her responses to the questions I asked
What is your full
My name is Happy Julian Uchendu
 I am a movie
Producer, I’m also an actress. I am a graduate of University of Jos,
Microbiology precisely. I finished in 2010 and I served in 2011. I am based in
Abuja. I am the first from a family of nine including mum and dad that is late.
I’m married with a son. I left Microbiology for this industry.

                                              Happy Julian Uchendu and I K Ogbonna

How many movies have
you been in including the ones you produced?

I have done more than twenty movies. My first movie is “The
Illicit Ways”. It was done 2012. Then I did “My Mother’s Wife, “Behind the Cottons”,
“Heroes and Villians”,  “Two Sides”,
“Different Passion”, “Line Spot”, “Dear Diary”, “The Injury”, “Illusion”, “Scratched”.

                 I K Ogbonna, Happy Julian Uchendu and Emilia Emeka-Nwamadi on the set of Illusion
Let’s talk about your
role in this movie- Illusion
My role here is Arit. 
Arit is a friend to the lead character called Retta. She is a saucy girl,
she’s soft, she’s kind, she’s caring and sarcastic. If you are not careful
you’ll think she is not caring but she is because of her definition of the
character. She loves and cares about her friend who is passing through emotional
breakdown so she’s there to support. The character is just an exception because
of the way it is being built around it. 
The story has to do with a couple, Chuddy and Retta who are
married then on the day of their anniversary,
her husband and baby went missing, she came down and started searching for the baby and her husband, she couldn’t find them.

                                   Preach Bassey and Happy Julian Uchendu at the auditions
Then she called her friend Arit
and told her she was looking for her husband and her baby because of her kind
of character, she didn’t take it serious, she was like; I can’t come, I’m with
my boyfriend but when she noticed that it was serious she said okay let us go,
she came home and searched everywhere but they could not find Chuddy and the baby,
so on their way going police stopped them and asked to search the boot, behold,
there was a dead body in the boot. What happened? no body knew so they were
arrested and taken to the police station so she was bitter. Eventually, both of
them were released on bail. She has a soft spot for her friend and felt her
friend might be innocent and decides to help her.

What is the Moral in
this movie
Be patient yours will definitely come.
What message do you
have for your fans?
I love you. Keep watching my movies and keep supporting me.


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