My First Time

We had been friends for five years and I have been visiting
from time to time especially during weekends to cook his meals that will take him through the
following week. It has always been friendly visits with no strings attached.  Sometime I deliberately dressed seductively
to his house in a bid to stare up the man in him but he would just say “you
look cute” and that would be all. 
At twenty
five, I had a lot of theories about relationship with the opposite sex and how
sweet intimacy could be. While growing up my mother used to say that it is only
a loosed girl that would ask a man for sex. 
So I have waited for a day when he would pull me closer and touch me
like he desired me, but that did not happen. One day he was having his bath while
I was cooking and it struck me to tip toe towards the bath room. I did, and I
saw that which made me desire him the more.
I saw a tall guy with “six pack” and a fair sight to behold.  I saw from behind him and the woman in me was
awakened with burning desire.  I stood
there watching with rapt attention and thinking of undressing and working in to
the bath room for a surprise dose of “quickie”. 
As I was trying to unzip my skirt with my eyes still glued to him he turned
around to pick his towel and what I saw made me scream and I fell down right in
front of the door of the bath room. 
I could not move I just stayed glued to the position of the
fall. He came to help me up and cleaned up my dress.  He was so sober that I could feel his heart beat
and for the first time he kissed me so passionately that I forgot what had happened.
He explained to me that he had been restraining himself from
touching me until we were married and that he had been seeing all the passes I
had been making at him but he did not want to get in to any sexual relationship
with me so he will not get tired of having me.
While he talked he started fondling some “grey” areas and I led
him on.  He was so massive and energetic
that you could take him just “lying down”.  He drank my wine while I blew his trumpet.  It took a While for me to remember that I had
never had a man before.  While he drank
my wine he discovered I was a virgin and he stopped and proposed and I said “Yes”.
Then he continued until I felt an electrifying surge of passion and a loud cry
of joy and a feeling of fulfillment. He stopped and I could see him smile while
he pulled me up and did the maiden insertion with a soldier-like rhythm. I felt a sharp
pain and a mixed feeling of pain and sweet sensation with every thrust he made
and said a lot of sweet words to me and suddenly he let out a sharp momentum
and stopped, holding my hips firmly.  He
would not let me move for some minutes. Then he released my hips gradually and laid
beside me holding me closely and slept off almost immediately.
I did not notice I was bleeding.


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