I was at the audition for the film-  Angel Without Wings. I
spoke with the Producer and he talked about the project. He has been in the movie industry for a while and he has worked with some of the best hands in Nollywood. He expressed his enthusiasm work with the youths in this project.

Here is what he had to say;
My name is Smart Conrad. I am an actor, Script Writer, Movie Director
and a Producer.
We are carrying out audition for a Gospel Film “Angel
Without Wings”,  under the platform V- Gospel  means Visual it is a platform
that we intend to use creative arts: Drama, Music to communicate the Gospel. We
all can’t preach from the pulpit but the film is a tool that we have designed
to communicate God’s message to the world. This movie talks about one putting Faith to work. It is not enough believing God, it is not enough trusting
him, you’ve got to work. The Bible says he will bless the works of your hand
and if there are no works then what will God bless? This film is to inspire
people. When you trust God, you have to do something more. That is to put him
in a position where he can bless the works of your hands and we all being
youths together, as you know, youths are more vulnerable in this period or this
dispensation that we are, so we try to bring youths in to the film, so that we
can harness their talents in to a positive direction especially to propagate
the right message to the society.

People like to see youth dressed

fashionably and all of that. Children grow up and they want to see these young
people. We want them to see the right youths not the ones that go nude on the
street but the ones who can use their beauty, their glamour to preach Gods

 I will be working with Eddie George Junior,  Zack
Amata,  Dukam Agbaro,and other great people.


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