Nollywood is Changing – Fati Zanna

                                                                        Fati Zanna
I ran in to Fati Zanna. She is one of our own. She is a
thespian with outstanding records in the Movie Industry. She also has to her credit,
many movies including award-winning ones. 
She is an actress and Producer.
She has been in the industry for a while.

I had an interview with her and
below is what she said.

Please can you introduce yourself?
My name is Fati Zanna, I am an actress and a Producer,  I have been in the industry for quite a while now,I have done quite a number of
jobs. I have won quite a number of awards like Zafaa Global Awards in the United Kingdom. I have won
Best Producer, My film “Our Differences” has also won Best African film  in the The UK, Best of Nollywood Awards as the film with best social message. My other movies include Lonely in Paradise and Real wives. I cannot remember others right now. 

What do you think are the challenges being faced by Producers and actor?
Challenge in the industry 
was how to market your movie and make your money back but now things are
changing with the coming of cinema and online platforms it is quite encouraging. The challenges of the actor also boils down to marketing because
where the producer is not able to get his returns on investment he may not be
able to pay the actors but things are getting better. The industry is still
growing and growing fast, we are going worldwide now. At times you may even
shoot a movie and make money from other countries, so things are getting better
Upcoming projects?
I am working on a project called “Illusion”. That is the job
I’m about to start now and I am sure it will come up well. 

Being experienced in the industry, what do you think are the
qualities of a good actor?

Interpretation comes first. If you cannot
interpret a role definitely you are not
an actor.  Professionalism, Be humble and down to earth,
be there. Do your work and finish it. Be answerable to your Director and Producer until the job is complete.

Message to fans?
Thank you for encouraging me. Without you I won’t be where
I am today. Like during the awards, people came out to encourage me.


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