Nollywood actor become NDLEA new Boss

The veteran actor revealed that enough of the abuse of drugs as he resumed today as the new chairman of NDLEA, he banned some use of Karaole, Alabukun, Phensic, Cafenol and paracetamol.

He made further statements including all the painkillers, soft drinks energy drinks and many other more.

It seem the pictures was shared from a set of movies where the veteran actor acted as the boss of NDLEA.

He Wrote: Enough… Enough of this general sickness of continuos abuse of drugs. As I resume today as the new chairman of NDEAL, The following are hereby banned . No more use of Karaole, Alabukun, phensic, paracetamol, cafenol..infact all painstaking drugs, all soft drinks, energy drinks, man power or bitters, no more diabetic or high blood pressure drugs. The only drug hereby recommended and approved by me is WATER. BUT IF U LIKE YOURSELF CONSULT YOUR DOCTOR. I MAY ALLOW ONLY YOU FROM USING WHATEVER YOU WANT. CONSULT YOUR DOCTOR IF HE IS NOT ON HARD DRUG. I JUST SAY I SHOULD WARN O MUTE. @tundeolaoyedirect


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