Late Rachel nollywood Actress daughter breaks down at wedding over choice of song

At the wedding of the late Nollywood actress Rachel Oniga’s daughter, Georgina, emotions ran high as the bride, dressed gorgeously in traditional attire, couldn’t hold back tears during an emotional song dedicated to mothers.

Surrounded by loved ones, Georgina bore a striking resemblance to her mother.

However, the touching moment turned sour when the wedding MC sang a song celebrating mothers, prompting Georgina’s breakdown.

Many attendees expressed surprise at the choice of song, considering the bride’s recent loss.

Comments on social media criticized the insensitivity of the song selection, with many questioning why such a song was chosen despite knowing the bride’s circumstances.
Despite the unfortunate incident, well-wishes poured in for the bride and fond remembrances of her late mother were shared.
princessebun_gifted commented, “Sorry ooo, but why is the Mc signing that kinda song when they know that the poor lady’s mother is no longer here.”

ijeoma._ij added, “Very unnecessary song make nobody sing this kind yeye song for me on my day ooo I no wan remember my mother come de cry.”

funkesanyaolufamorotifsf wrote, “Sooooo wrong choice of song, mama Rachel God bless your soul mama, you are forever loved in our hearts. Congratulations dear.”


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