Wizkid influenced Nigerian music economy – Remi Aluko

Fuji musician Remi Aluko has expressed his belief that Wizkid revolutionized the Nigerian music industry, particularly in terms of its economy and replayability.

According to Aluko, before Wizkid’s breakthrough, Nigerian songs tended to be lengthy, but the Starboy boss broke that trend by releasing shorter tracks.
Aluko highlighted Wizkid’s recording approach, which focused on creating songs with concise structures that maximized replay value.

He noted that this innovative method influenced other artistes to follow suit, leading to a shift in the industry’s recording practices.
In a podcast interview with Echo Room, Aluko praised Wizkid’s impact, stating,

“Wizkid did something in the Nigerian music industry. And I picked up from there. Back then, a song used to last for five or four minutes. But go and check now, Wizkid is the one that changed the method of music that you don’t need to waste music.
“He changed the method of recording in Nigeria. He will bring chorus and after that he will just give you like 16 bars and after that he will go back to the chorus. If you love the music, you play it again.”


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