Revenge a toxic approach – Wumi Toriola advises

Nollywood actress Wumi Toriola has voiced her opposition to seeking revenge against others.

In a recent Instagram post, the mother of one expressed her disapproval of harboring ill wishes towards those who have wronged us.

She emphasized that seeking revenge and wishing for the downfall are toxic approaches to life.
Toriola emphasized that no one should experience such a drastic shift from prosperity to adversity.

Instead, she shared a message of hope, wishing stability for those facing challenges and hoping that those who are currently thriving continue to do so without any setbacks.

“Revenge” to a lot is seeing things get worse for others…
That is too much toxicity…
No one deserves moving from Grace to Grass…
To everyone struggling, may you find stability and to everyone up, you will never go down”.


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