How I rose to success after ditching Yul, Judy Austin- Sarah Martins

Nollywood actress Sarah Martins has expressed gratitude for a positive turn of events after distancing herself from former close friends Judy Austin and Yul Edochie.

Taking to Instagram, Sarah shares her realization that cutting ties with the couple brought notable figures into her circle.
She acknowledges instances where influential individuals advised her to remove certain content from her feed.

Since parting ways, her fortunes have shifted, exemplified by a recent advertisement she did for a client, which led to one of her followers generously compensating the client with 80 million naira.

Expressing wonder at the source of such wealth, Sarah extends appreciation to her supportive fans who endorse the brands she endorses.
I stopped entertaining Amu Bingo and his Ara Nwanyi Asaba the moment I realized I had too many important personalities following me!

Sometimes when I post rubbish, some dignitaries will DM me and ask me to take the post down….

I did an IG story advert of 20k for her and a follower of mine paid her 80m for a tour…
Omo where una dey see this money abeg???
As many of you who support all the brands I work with, I am grateful

He has less than 200 followers but he’s an agba baller
Thank you, sir…
I’m gonna follow you back real quick”.


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