How Eniola Badmus, other celebrities called me for ‘matchmaking’ – Lege Miami

According to him, people feel comfortable seeking his assistance in finding partners interested in committed relationships, including notable figures like Bimbo Thomas, Wumi Toriola, Folorunsho Adeola (Arike Gold), and Eniola Badmus.

Despite Badmus’ selective nature, Lege disclosed that he successfully connected her with a potential partner, though he remains unaware of the current status of their relationship.

He said, “I don’t joke with what I do, as regards matchmaking. That is because I have been able to gain the trust of people. They are comfortable reaching out to me, and asking me to help them find partners, who are interested in serious relationships. And, I get that for them.
Celebrities such as Bimbo Thomas, Wumi Toriola, Folorunsho Adeola (Arike Gold) and Eniola Badmus have also reached out to me. But, Eniola Badmus is very picky; though I have connected her to someone. However, I don’t know what is happening between them.”
Lege acknowledged encountering individuals who attempt to mock him during his live broadcasts, particularly by intentionally speaking in English to belittle his linguistic abilities.

Recalling a specific incident involving a Yoruba-speaking woman, he noted her apparent attempt to fake an accent, presumably to undermine his comprehension.

He said, “She is a single lady. She is Yoruba, and should have been able to speak ‘normal’ English. I know there is British English, but she was just trying to fake an accent. She knows that I cannot speak good English, and did not want me to understand what she was saying.”
Lege also noted that he was aware that some of the people who made use of his platform were out to deceive innocent people.

He said, “Some of them are Internet armed robbers, because they would go through my comments section, see someone they like and send the person a message without my knowledge. If things go well between them, I don’t get to know. But, if things turn sour, they begin to call me out, and I don’t like such. Most of the people who fall victims to things like that actually bypass the process.


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