“The Okoyes are habitual liars” – Cynthia Morgan blows hot (Photo)

Nigerian artiste Cynthia Morgan, now going by the name Truly Madrina, has launched a stern critique against the well-known music duo Peter and Paul Okoye, along with their brother Jude Okoye, her former label boss.

In an Instagram post, she accused the Okoye brothers of being habitual liars and warned of her intentions to publicly address the situation.

Responding to those advising her to move on, she emphasized the difficulty of doing so, particularly when she was struggling to make ends meet despite the perception that she is wealthy.

She expressed indifference towards the money she claims was taken from her but cautioned against attempts to tarnish her reputation.

Stating her stance, she declared, “The revolution will be televised. The Okoyes are habitual liars.”

Accompanying her post was a screenshot of a press statement she purportedly issued in 2020 apologizing to Jude Okoye.
However, she refuted the authenticity of the apology, alleging coercion by Jude and another individual named Sandra.

According to her account, she was temporarily barred from accessing her Instagram account during that time and felt emotionally drained and isolated for years, even contemplating suicide.

Despite these challenges, she resolved not to allow her adversaries to prevail or to inflict further distress upon her mother.


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