Social media a breeding ground for foolishness – AY

Nigerian comedian and reigning box office champion, Ayo Makun, has shared an emotionalt reflection on the perils of social media.

In a detailed message shared on his Instagram platform, he drew a parallel between social media and the formidable King Kong, highlighting how emotions now often supersede objective truths.
Ayo emphasized how social media has become a breeding ground for foolishness, where expertise is unnecessary and foolishness is celebrated.

He acknowledged the existence of communities that embrace and even champion foolishness, stating that it does not diminish one’s humanity or ability to garner a following across various endeavors.
In his words, “Social media is now the new king Kong, where feelings are now more important than objective facts . If a foolish person comes out and says something that unlocks the feeling of an audience, he or she gets praised. But if a wise person comes and says something that is contrary to how people want to feel, he or she gets persecuted.
Social media is a place where you dont need formal training to know how to be a fool. You just have to be born foolish and be free enough to express your foolishness. It’s a place that gives you confidence even in your ignorance. It is the only place where you can freely express the nothingness of your not knowing close anything before your interferences.
The funny part is that a lot of people carry their ignorance with a lot of class and a lot of confidence based on what they see or feel. But we must also understand that each community is entitled to have a fool or a community of fools that recognizes and accepts the foolishness of others as a brand to submit to. Such foolishness does not stop you from being a man or woman. It does not even stop you from not having fans and followers cut across the strata of different foolish endeavors.
Having said that, more foolish people will continue to evaluate their performances in the space by creating sensationalism and negative viral content for the entertainment pleasures of their different audiences. But as long as foolish individuals do not care about the stress, pain, anxiety, loneliness, and depression they bring you, the more it is also very important for them to enjoy the consequences of their actions.

Dr. Richard Ayodeji Makun (MFR)”.


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