Shift to farming to address looming famine – Daddy Freeze warns Nigerians

Controversial media personality, Ifedayo Olarinde, also known as Daddy Freeze, has warned of looming famine in the country.

He highlighted that the depreciation of the Naira will persist unless Nigeria boosts its export of goods to acquire foreign currency.
Daddy Freeze suggested that Nigerians earning low wages in urban areas should consider returning to rural areas to engage in farming to address the impending famine threat.

Delivering his message through a video shared on social media, he emphasized the need for both government and citizens to take action.

He urged citizens to shift focus from city jobs to agriculture, stressing the ongoing challenges of high prices of foodstuffs in the country.

He also advised against excessive focus on building personal wealth in rural areas, advocating instead for investment in manufacturing facilities to increase exports.
Daddy Freeze emphasized the importance of government support for local businesses with export ambitions, advocating diversification from oil reliance.

He revealed the necessity for Nigeria to produce goods for export, rather than relying solely on imports like milk from foreign countries.

He said, “We will continue to see the decline in our currency because we are not selling anything and getting hard currencies in return. That needs to be fixed by two sets of people:
“Citizens, if you’re working in Lagos and you’re earning N50,000 monthly, I think it is high time you went back to your village, got some land and started farming. There’s a looming possibility of a famine in this country. There’s not enough food to go around.

“From my understanding of the situation, here is my advice: My Igbo brothers and sisters building mansions to compete with each other in the village…I’m not saying it’s wrong, but instead of building mansions, build more factories.

“You need to build more factories and the government needs to support you. The government needs to do whatever it takes so that your businesses can succeed.
“And by business, I mean businesses with export targets. Whatever you are producing should be exported. We import milk from France and Denmark. We cannot rely only on oil. The government needs to support local manufacturers.”


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