No money for useless beggers – Actor Uzee Usman blows hot

Nollywood actor Uzee Usman has issued a stern warning to individuals who continuously request financial assistance from him to support their lifestyle choices.

Taking to Instagram, the actor expressed his frustration with the persistent pleas for money, stating that it has become overwhelming.
He emphasized that while he has his responsibilities to fulfill, he cannot be held accountable for others’ shortcomings.

Usman firmly advised his followers to manage their finances wisely and not to overextend themselves, cautioning against marrying or engaging in activities without the necessary financial means.

He labeled those who constantly seek handouts as unappreciative and urged them to seek employment and earn their livelihood.
The post stirred varied responses from his followers, with some mocking his stance while others urged him to extend help to those in need.

One commenter, Mr. Khamba, suggested that Uzee Usman should remain calm and help if he is capable, while another, Okechukwuoku, acknowledged the pressures that come with his status.

However, there were opposing voices, such as Sadiq Mafia, who disagreed with the actor’s perspective, arguing that his success shouldn’t disconnect him from the less fortunate.
In a lighter tone, Lolade Okusanya teased Uzee Usman about the pressures he faces, jokingly referring to a promise of financial assistance.


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