Nigerians applaud Viva Detergent for short film “A Fresh Start”

Viva Detergent, a product of Aspira Nigeria renowned for manufacturing high-quality household products such as detergents and dishwashing liquids, recently premiered its short film, “A Fresh Start”.

The movie has garnered widespread accolades nationwide for its impactful storytelling as it invokes conversations around underprivileged single mothers and their struggles.
A Fresh Start” features the talents of Nancy Isime and the comedic brilliance of Brainjotter, portraying a narrative that highlights the importance of family and new beginnings as it sheds light on the challenges single mothers with low or no incomes face.

Since its release, the short film has sustained a remarkable buzz, igniting emotional conversations and prompting relatable stories across social media platforms. The public has consistently applauded Viva for its innovative approach, commended the brand for shedding light on social issues in a highly creative and impactful manner.
The online premiere, conducted via Zoom, on the 28th of January,2024, witnessed an impressive turnout of distinguished celebrities, influencers, and women’s communities. Notable attendees included Wathoni, Inedoye Kuti, Pamilerin Adegoke, Anto Lecky, Latasha Ngwube, Nkem Nwudiwe, Comfort Booth, Powede, Abikeshuga, Fabmum, Omoye Cooks, Workingmumdiary, among others.

Lynda Aguocha, the Head of Advertising and PR at Aspira, expressed sincere gratitude for the notable attendance, highlighting Viva’s unwavering commitment to innovation and customer care. Aguocha remarked,
Viva is not merely a brand; it’s a community that values and believes in fostering support systems for our customers. Your participation in this virtual premiere demonstrates the strength of our collective support system, and we remain dedicated to encouraging individuals to share their stories as we collectively strive for a better society.”

The short movie “A Fresh Start” is now available online on the brand’s social media pages. In addition to the film premiere, Viva plans to roll out exciting activities to help support the underprivileged especially those that are single mothers to get #AFreshStart.


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