Judy Austin under fire over preaching on wayward living

Nollywood actress Judy Austin has come under fire following her impassioned advice aimed to young women leading lifestyles she deemed reckless.

During her husband’s weekly Sunday Service, Judy made an unexpected appearance on the live stream, taking the opportunity to address the issue of young women straying from their academic pursuits due to romantic relationships.
Specifically, she highlighted the trend of female students prioritizing relationships over their studies, often resulting in early marriages and abandonment of educational goals for materialistic gains.

In her sermon, Judy emphasized the importance of resisting peer pressure and avoiding self-destructive behaviors.

She urged young women not to compromise their future for fleeting pleasures or to conform to societal expectations of luxury and glamour.
“What about girls that go to school to read, to gain knowledge that would shape your life, you focus on playing the girlfriend role to your boyfriend probably because he is rich and you get carried with Benz.
And you are a student probably 17/18 or 21. What you need as a young girl is not to be playing the wife role to another student boy who knows nothing. These types of ladies keep long lashes and nails. What are you trying to prove or look like? You are the IT girl, no you are not. That’s you being distracted from what you were sent to school to do.
If you are a young girl, who isn’t ready for marriage do not allow peer pressure put you into what you cannot explain or defend. Don’t destroy yourself with your own hands. Do not do it because you see your friends living a lavish lifestyle”.

However, Judy’s comments received criticism from some viewers who accused her of hypocrisy, referencing her own personal life.
A viewer, Presh Hxxxx wrote, “Is the audacity for me. Aunty you thief person husband even use jazz on top. Now you’re talking about ladies living a wayward life”.

Another viewer, Iteoluwa Konishilaila wrote, “Mummy and Daddy G.O Oppooorrrrr thank God that thunder doesn’t just kill people anyhow”.


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