I’m legally single and ready to get married – Yomi Fabiyi

During a live video on his Instagram, actor Yom Fabiyi, responding to inquiries from fellow actor Lege Miami, has affirmed his single status, stating he has legally been so since November 2021.

When prompted about his readiness for marriage, Fabiyi expressed his willingness, adding a lighthearted note that he might even combine his housewarming and birthday celebrations into one event, humorously suggesting a “3 in 1” occasion if he finds a wife before the scheduled festivities.
He said, “I’m legally single and I’m dead serious. I have been single since November 2021. I am ready to get married.

“I even wish to do my housewarming and birthday the same day(2 in 1).

“God willing, if I see a wife before then, I may make it 3 in 1”


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