Actor Yomi Fabiyi defends Lizzy Anjorin amidst theft claims

Nollywood actor Yomi Fabiyi has stood up for Lizzy Anjorin amidst theft accusations, unlike his peers.

Reports surfaced alleging that Lizzy was involved in a dispute with a vendor at the Idumota market in Lagos, accused of defrauding them of N91,000 during a transaction for tailoring materials.
Video clips circulating online depicted the Yoruba actress caught in a confrontation over purported gold jewelry theft on Lagos Island.

Due to a misunderstanding with the POS merchant, Lizzy mistakenly transferred funds to the wrong account.

Despite this, the vendor, relying on Lizzy’s celebrity status, allowed her to depart without confirming payment, only realizing the error later.
In a recent incident, Lizzy, attempting to patronise the same market and vendor while concealing her identity with a nose mask, was recognised, resulting in a dramatic encounter.
Fortunately, her husband intervened to resolve the situation.

While Lizzy refuted the allegations on her Instagram Live, attributing them to a set-up, skepticism persisted among many.

Taking to Instagram in her defence, Yomi praised Lizzy as a compassionate individual, highlighting her roles as a mother, entrepreneur, filmmaker, and philanthropist.
He commended her consistent charitable efforts, many of which remain unpublicised.

He posted, “Liz Anjorin @lizzyanjorin_original is such a beautiful soul, hardworking mother, business owner, filmmaker, and, of course, a giver. I am always inspired by her regular charities, most of which don’t even make it online. Owo, Mama Florida, iyi e po. PEACE”.


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