Actor Rotimi Salami devastated by fatal accident

Nollywood actor Rotimi Salami has found himself overwhelmed with emotion after witnessing a tragic and gruesome accident along the Ibadan/Lagos expressway.

Taking to his Instagram page, the Yoruba actor recounted the harrowing incident, which left him in tears as he observed the agonizing struggle of many individuals fighting for their lives.
Sadly, six lives were lost, while others were rushed to the hospital for treatment.

Expressing his gratitude to the timely intervention of the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC), Salami pointed out that the driver involved was under the influence of alcohol—a stark reminder of the dangers of drunk driving.

Despite passengers’ attempts to caution the driver against his reckless behavior, he remained stubborn and defensive, resulting in the tragic outcome.
In a heartfelt plea against driving while intoxicated, Salami offered prayers for the souls of the departed and urged for collective vigilance on the roads.
He also extended his gratitude to everyone who assisted during the ordeal, including FRSC personnel, citizens, and medical professionals.

Reflecting on the unfortunate events of February 11th, which saw multiple accidents along the same expressway, Salami concluded with a prayer for safety on the roads, emphasizing the importance of gratitude for every journey safely undertaken.


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