Why I can’t live without jewelry, sneakers, popcorn, bible – Davido

a recent interview with British GQ, Nigerian singer Davido has revealed a  lineup of essentials he simply cannot live without.

Among his must-have, the artiste emphasized the significance of his wallet, headphones, jewelry collection, popcorn stash, sneakers, bible, sunglasses, and  toiletries bag.

Davido attributed great value to his jewelry, considering it an integral part of his identity and also, was too expensive for him not to wear.

He also expressed attachment to sneakers, a passion that led to his previous collaboration with Puma.

Davido‘s affection for popcorn took center stage, particularly during movie sessions, as he fondly reminisced about his aunt Christine’s love for preparing delicious and various flavors of popcorn during their childhood movie nights.

Regarding sunglasses, Davido humorously labeled them as “hater blockers,” emphasizing their importance in his daily routine, ensuring he always has a pair within reach.


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