Why I am seen as best actress – Toyin Abraham

Nollywood actress and filmmaker, Toyin Abraham, has declared the reason for her being regarded as the “world’s best” during an interview with skit maker Bae U Barbi.

She clarified that this title wasn’t self-proclaimed but was bestowed upon her by her fans.

Emphasizing that the accolade of “world best” suits her due to her exceptional acting prowess and beauty, Abraham expressed,

“I didn’t call myself [the world’s best actress], people called me word best because I am the world’s best.

My confidence is top-notch, my beauty is top-notch, my brain is top-notch, my acting is top-notch. So, I am world best. I didn’t call myself, they [fans] called me and I claimed it.”

Moreover, she pointed out a belief that the entertainment industry favours women over men, attributing this phenomenon to women being “very emotional.”

In her view, female entertainers tend to achieve greater success compared to their male counterparts.

During the interview, Abraham revealed that her latest film, ‘Malaika,’ stands as her most costly production.

She disclosed investing millions to secure the participation of veteran actor Emeka Ike and other talents in the movie.

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