VeryDarkMan_Tonto Dikeh slams Tunde Ednut

Tunde Ednut shared an update via his Instagram page, announcing that VeryDarkMan had been released.

“VeryDarkMan is out!” he wrote with a laughing emoji.

Angered by the post, Tonto Dikeh took to the comment section, lambasting Ednut. She also vowed to also mock the blogger in his times of despair; the actress described him as “a horrible human.”

Dikeh wrote: “@mazitundeednut Tunde I’ll be here when some calls your mom a sl@T and all I’m gonno do is laugh, I’ll be here when Someone accuses your mother of doing thre@some with your mother and I’ll also laugh. I’ll be here when they insult your unborn children and I’ll laugh, I’ll be here when they accuse you of theft and I will be here to laugh.

“Every time your page comes down, you come crawling like a baby to help you lost, but here you are daily fuzking shit up…

“Tunde we will meet in front where you will need me the most…You are a horrible human Tunde edunt.”

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