Sharon Ooja gives out 463 bibles to fans

Nollywood actress Sharon Ooja Egwurube, known for her role in EbonyLife Films’ blockbuster, Òlòtūré, has kicked off the new year on a religious note.

To encourage bible study and devotion to God, the award-winning actress announced her plans to give over 400 Bibles to some of her fans and followers on social media.

The actress had earlier announced that she had bought and signed 100 bibles waiting for pickup by her lucky fan.

However, Sharon was shocked when some donors decided to join her by donating another 363 pieces of the bible to support her cause.

The actress also urged lucky fans to pick up their bibles at Laterna bookstore in Lagos.

“This has laid my heart so much that I had to do it today literally. So I’m giving away 100 free bibles that I’ve already paid for, to encourage 100 people to study the Bible and devotion to God and start the new year right.

I want us to connect with God some more this year. This was laid upon my heart, and honestly, I don’t know how I stood up and walked to that bookstore and paid for all hundred, but the spirit that led me there will take over and encourage you all to study the word of God.

“I’ve paid and signed all hundred bibles from me to you, it’s totally free.

“I’m so overwhelmed but when I say God took control and did His thing then that’s all I can say… as we speak I have an extra 463 bibles to give out because God touched the hearts of some amazing people who invested heavily in this for whatever reason.

May God bless you all individually, the bible says obedience is better than sacrifice. Thank you for obeying that voice in your head God will never be far from you.”

Sharon Ooja first came into the limelight after she played the role of “Shalewa” in the web series Skinny Girl in Transit.

In 2019, Sharon played the role of an undercover journalist in the blockbuster movie, Òlòtūré.


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