Regina Chukwu sends message upcoming skit makers

Nollywood actress Regina Chukwu has urged emerging skit makers to elevate the quality of their craft, expressing concern about the subpar nature of many skits.

In an open letter posted on her Instagram page, she guided skit makers on essential steps to enhance the promotion of their content.

The mother of two revealed that her inbox is inundated with unimpressive content, emphasizing the need for skits that captivate viewers rather than evoke regretful emotions.

She encouraged the upcoming content creators to build reliable content when allowed to showcase their talents.

Regina Chukwu told those who sent videos to her inbox that she was not impressed with the quality of content being forwarded to her, encouraging them to work better.

She said: “To all the upcoming skit makers/content creators sending me their videos to post for them on my page as much as I would love to do this pls try and work on those skits.

Some make you cry instead of making us laugh, I am not even joking you so pissed off that you could even start crying you be like killed.

“If you see an opportunity to be showcased the best you can do is GIVE IT YOUR BEST and don’t tell me those are your best cause I believe you can do better so if I ignore your message that includes your skit video it simply I wasn’t impressed oya go and do better and I will post it for you with love from me.”

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