I’m in a kidnappers’ den – Seun Kuti cries out

Renowned musician Seun Kuti has made shocking allegations against the Nigerian police force, claiming that they are the perpetrators behind the ongoing rampant kidnapping in the country.

During an Instagram live session, Kuti recounted his personal experience of being detained at the Panti police station’s cell one, where he claimed to have been locked up alongside hardened criminals, including murderers and kidnappers.
He stated that many of these alleged kidnappers were actually police officers themselves, operating as ringleaders within the cell.

In his plea, Kuti likened police bail demands to ransom payments, arguing that if individuals are forced to pay for their release, they are essentially being kidnapped by the authorities.
He pointed to the notorious case of Evans, once dubbed the “number 1 kidnap kingpin”, highlighting that despite his arrest, kidnapping incidents have not reduced, suggesting a systemic issue within law enforcement.

Kuti called on the Nigerian government to address the root causes of kidnapping in the country, emphasizing that the issue extends beyond mere criminal activity.
He criticized what he perceived as the politicization of kidnapping incidents, urging for genuine efforts to tackle the crisis.

Captioning the video, Kuti declared, “We are all Kidnap victims. In fact, I am currently in a kidnappers den called Nigeria!!!”


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