I work for my money – Destiny Etiko

Nollywood actress Destiny Etiko has revealed that she wants to be a white woman in her next life.

The thespian made the revelation while reacting to a video posted by Instagram blogger, Tunde Ednut, featuring two Caucasian women expressing their financial independence.
The women declared they wouldn’t rely on men for “luxury expenses” like hair and nails, and preferred simple dates focused on personality over lavish outings.

Reacting to the video, Etiko disclosed that she wants to be a white woman in her next life, noting that even as a black Nigerian woman, she doesn’t expect favours from men but accepts them when they come.
She revealed that she hates getting negative responses when she demands something, so she would rather work “tirelessly” to achieve her goals.

Etiko wrote: “In my next life, I will be a white girl. Cos Even as a Nigerian babe, I don’t expect anything from anyone but if it happens den it’s fine.
“Cos I hate to hear N0 for an answer when I demand for something, So I would rather work tirelessly to achieve my goals in life.

“I work for my money.”
Last year, the filmmaker made a post advising Nollywood actors to prioritise punctuality and passion in their careers.
She shared her wisdom with her followers, inspiring aspiring actors to work diligently towards their dreams.

Drawing attention to prominent individuals like Aliko Dangote, who continues to work diligently despite being Africa’s wealthiest entrepreneurs, and enduring brands like Coca-Cola, Etiko emphasized the value of passion and dedication.

Etiko continued her inspiring message by stressing the importance of remaining focused and working hard, irrespective of one’s achievements.

She urged aspiring actors to put in their utmost effort and dedication, treating each opportunity as if they had nothing to lose.
Etiko who has gained immense popularity for her exceptional performances, bagged a degree in Theatre Arts from the Nnamdi Azikiwe University.

She joined Nollywood in 2012 and gained prominence after she starred in the movie titled ‘Idemili’ which was produced in 2012 by Ernest Obi.

The movie (Idemili) earned her a nomination at the City People Entertainment Awards where she won the Most Promising Actress of the Year Award (English).


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