‘I am for those who are for me’ – Portable shares new year resolution

Nigerian street singer, Habeeb Okikiola, popularly known as Portable, has shared his New Year’s resolution.

The singer on his Instagram page  says while he harbours no animosity toward anyone, he is committed to distancing himself from people who fail to appreciate his worth.

He says that his allegiance is solely for those who reciprocate it.

Encouraging his fans and followers, the street singer advises them to fortify themselves using their own resources to avoid crumbling when someone exits their life.

He emphasizes the importance of not allowing anyone to assume a position of indispensable importance.

He says he firmly believes that the only irreplaceable person is God. Portable affirms  that while he would not harbour hatred,  but take a step back from those who don’t recognize his value.

Build yourself with your own materials so that you won’t collapse when someone leaves don’t allow anyone treat you like you can’t do without them the only person you can’t do without is God I will never hate anyone but I will distance myself from people who do not value me ZAZUU I dey for who dey for me them fit dey with you make them no dey for you

I still remain my self Akika bika bika Tony Montana

IKA Of AFRICA Anikuleti Street DONJAZZY CEO DR ZEHNATION many many inspiration”.


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