Comedian Okey Bakassi ‘assaulted’ in Imo

Nigerian stand-up comedian Okey Bakassi has disclosed that he was “assaulted” at a wedding event in Owerri, Imo state.

Bakassi, the MC at the event, said his “attackers” prevented other guests from taking photos with the couple while conversing with the groom.

He alleged that after the event, one of the men attacked him.

The comedian, seeking justice, said he was rescued by men of the Department of State Services (DSS).

“Something happened to me today that I have not experienced in whole 30 years of being a professional Mc and in the entertainment industry,” he said.

I was invited to MC an event in Owerri, Imo State. While doing my job, it was time for the celebrant to cut the cake. After cutting the cake, I invited people to snap pictures.

“They were coming in batches and as we took photographs, we made way for other people to take pictures.

“Some sets of young men came to take pictures, finished taking pictures and engaged the celebrant and they were discussing. I simply called their attention to step aside so that other people could continue the flow of the photo section, that was the only interaction I had with them.

“The set of things that followed, first was a threat, ‘do you want something to happen to you in this Owerri?’ It was uncalled for. As an MC, my role is to just make sure the event was running smoothly.

“When I saw his reaction, I knew he was calling for a fight, so I stepped aside.

“It looked like these young men were boiling for a fight. They shoved me on their way out. I did not alter a word. My professional training, I was not trained to go into altercations with somebody at an event like that.

“I was busy attending to another guest when one of them attacked me from behind. It took other guests, restraining them and taking them out of the event.

I know we live in dangerous times but I will get justice, I will find them. Thank God for the quick response of the Imo State director of DSS and men of the DSS who came to escort me back to my hotel after the event.

“Nobody knows what plans they had and what would have happened but I will let the police do their job, there’s no way I won’t get justice.

“I look for nobody trouble but for somebody to assault me just in the cause of doing my job, I will get justice.”


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