Big Brother Naija Star Chizzy Francis narrowly escapes ghastly car crash

Nigerian reality TV star Chizzy Francis has been involved in a car accident that nearly took his life. The former housemate from the Big Brother Naija show was driving his car when the accident occurred.

Chizzy took to Instagram to share the harrowing details of his near-death experience. He revealed that he was involved in a serious car accident luckily survived with only minor injuries.

Posting a video of the incident, Chizzy expressed his gratitude to God for his second chance at life. He also urged his followers to remain grateful for every moment they have and make the most of it. While the experience was undoubtedly traumatic, Chizzy seemed to have taken it as a wake-up call to appreciate life and its fleeting nature.

“3days ago God gave me a second chance, and I’m making every moment count. Surviving the unimaginable, thriving against all odds. Strength comes not from what you can do, but from overcoming what you thought you couldn’t. Every scar tells a story of survival and resilience. It was indeed a fatal one but how I came out from the car with zero scratch is still what I can’t explain.
With my full chest I confirm the durability of IVM CONNECT” he said.


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